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The Biotricity BH3 wind turbine is ideal for larger houses, home office and some commercial applications.  The BH3 can be used for battery charging, grid connection and or use in hybrid configuration. The BH3 is a great choice for supplying electricity to domestic and office equipment, capable of providing back up power.

Biotricity supplies controllers/inverters as standard with all wind turbines, this allows the wind turbines electricity generated to be used and controlled in a suitable way.

 The BH3 is the most suitable wind turbine for residential use, good quality with long life.  The BH3 will provide up to 4kw, with an average of 2 to 4kw being produced.


Rugged construction for longer life
Highly attractive pricing options
Nation wide service
Two year guarantee
Permanent magnetic brushless generators
Minimal maintenance
Reduce your dependency on electricity companies

Electricity produced using a wind turbine, will reduce a large portion of CO2 production.  A small wind turbine can produce clean renewable energy, With no harmful emissions.  Working independently the BH series wind turbines produce clean energy.  Making you real savings.

 A wind turbine uses wind to generate electricity, when used for houses, the wind power reduces the amount of electricity that is used from the grid.

Rated Power (W)                                    3000
Peek Power (W)                                      4000
Rated Voltage (V)                                  240
Rotor Diameter (M)                                4.5
Start-up Wind Speed (M/S)                  2
Rated Wind Speed (M/S)                      10
Security Wind Speed (M/S)                 45
Furling Type                                             Electromotion
Rated Rotating Rate (RPM)                220
Generator Type                                      Magnetic
Generator Material                               Steel
Blade Material                                         Fibre Glass
Blade Quantity                                        3

Matched Sine Wave Inverter

 power curve 




You can have a choise of towers for the BH3, free-standing mono tower or hinged tower.  all our wind turbines are supplier with hinged tower as standard.


Free Standing Tower Height (m)   8 to10



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If you are considering purchasing a wind turbine, just give us a call or fill out our "online enquiry form" to get more details and you free site evaluation.  

2 kw
3 kw
5 kw
10 kw
20 kw
Contact details   ( Aug 15, 2013 )

Today, due to circumstances beyond our control. We have decided to remove our contact details from this www.biotricity.ie web site.

New BioTricity web site   ( Mar 01, 2012 )

We are developing a new web site, to include many aspects of the renewable energy industry.  More info soon.

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Biotricity receives innovation voucher (18 Jul 2009)   ( Mar 03, 2009 )

Biotricity is awarded an innovation voucher, to research the feasability of Vertical Wind Turbine (VAWT) design.  This innovation voucher will allow Biotricity to refine the design, as VAWT's produce electricity using less noise, vibration than Horizontal Wind Turbines.

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