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There are several major benefits to wind power.  One of the most important is that wind power is the least expensive of all other forms of alternative energy.  Wind turbines generate electricity at around 5 cents per kWh (Kilowatt Hour), which is comparable to the new coal and/or oil burning power plants.  The costs are projected to decline even more as technology improves, and this is very important because most of the cost with wind power is in manufacturing.  Once the wind turbines are in place there is little cost to maintain and wind power is free.

Another tremendous benefit of wind power is that it is a sustainable source of energy and a clean source of energy.  Wind power generation produces zero carbon dioxide emissions, which is important with our concern over climate change.  Wind energy is also a renewable energy, meaning it does not deplete our natural resources like coal or petroleum based products.

Unfortunately, the potential in wind power remains largely untapped as less than one percent of the world's energy is derived from wind power.  However, there are positive indicators as the use of wind power use has increased by more than 400 percent since 2000.  Denmark leads the world in wind energy generating 20 percent of its energy from wind power.  The European Union is looking to increase the use of wind power generation along with other forms of alternative energy to 22 percent by 2010.  Currently the United States is third when it comes to using wind power at 9,149 MW (Mega Watts).

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Global Warming

Wind Power Reduces Global Warming. Global climate change is an increasing concern of the scientific community and governments around the world, and it is a reality we must begin to address. Carbon dioxide released from fossil fuel combustion is one of the primary heat trapping gases that contribute to global warming. Wind energy produces no byproducts that contribute to global warming, and the power from single utility-scale wind turbine can prevent the emission of 5,000 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere each year. Wind energy is one of the most useful tools we have to decrease the global warming gases we release into the atmosphere every day.

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Contact details   ( Aug 15, 2013 )

Today, due to circumstances beyond our control. We have decided to remove our contact details from this web site.

New BioTricity web site   ( Mar 01, 2012 )

We are developing a new web site, to include many aspects of the renewable energy industry.  More info soon.

Biotricity completes first stage of VAWT development   ( Aug 07, 2009 )
Biotricity has completed the first stage of a new VAWT (Vertical Axies Wind Turbine), the blades were constructed, mounted and the VAWT was assembled in West Cork at the start of August.  This stage was to evaluate the most efficient method of essembling the wind turbine, we are now focusing on....More
Biotricity receives innovation voucher (18 Jul 2009)   ( Mar 03, 2009 )

Biotricity is awarded an innovation voucher, to research the feasability of Vertical Wind Turbine (VAWT) design.  This innovation voucher will allow Biotricity to refine the design, as VAWT's produce electricity using less noise, vibration than Horizontal Wind Turbines.

Ryan announces incentives for micro-generation (26 Feb 2009)   ( Mar 03, 2009 )
Farmers and householders to sell excess electricity back to national grid in plan that will boost rural economy and reduce electricity costs.Energy Minister Eamon Ryan today announced measures to encourage the on-site generation of electricity in homes and farms across Ireland . Among the measures i....More
CER Export Tariff Decision (18 Feb 2009)   ( Mar 03, 2009 )
(CER) Commission for Energy Regulation, Export Tariff Decision.Today (18 Feb 09) the CER has published a document, outlining the decision to place a value on the exported electricity generated by "micro generators"."The PES’s interim export tariff for domestic micro-generators a....More
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